About Us

Cellartus is a wine cellar and custom bar company committed to deliver the best architectural experience through a unique artistic vision.

Our team of experts, designers and architects create the perfect custom- designed masterpiece to your home or commercial spot, applying not only knowledge, exclusiveness, and functionality, but also a truly innovative jewel of collection immerse in a stunning atmosphere.

Experience the exquisite…

Our team bring form and function to your vision, crafting custom-designed wine rooms for restaurants and homes – installed with a minimum of fuss. No two are the same. Our creations enable you to protect your investment, create a unique, functional piece of art, and truly enjoy your collection. 

Our team of experts and professional staff from Kala Design will help you find the right investment, which means an authentic and unique masterpiece in your home or office. 

How much does a wine cellar cost?

The prices start at $17.500 for a non-refrigerated wine display and $39.000 for a refrigerated wine room area.

Our Partners

Meet the Team

Carolina Gutierrez

Wine Cellar Creative Director - Founder Kala Design studio

Keyla Ocariz

Administrative Assistant

Marifé Soto

Marketing Director

Samir Kafruni

Project Manager

Emmanuel Clodic

Business Development Manager

Alejandro Ochoa

Industrial Designer