Custom bar & wine cellar services.

We aim to differentiate our brand by being relatable, and listening first, aiming to give our clients a level of customer service that is unequalled in our industry.

Our customers want the very best custom bar and wine cellars that money can buy. Only Cellartus custom-made bar & cellars and bar feature leading-edge technology combined with elegant artistry delivered in an intimate, energetic, relatable manner – and that’s why word of mouth is the core driver of our business.

How much does a wine cellar cost?
– The prices start at $17.500 for a non-refrigerated wine display and $39.000 for a refrigerated wine room area.


Custom bar & wine cellar experts, Cellartus offers custom wine cellars design, fabrication and installation as well as a variety of quality climate control systems for wine rooms.


Our residential and commercial custom bar & wine cellar rooms are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship and are featured in homes and restaurants all over the country.


Once crafted, your custom bar and wine cellar are packed, shipped and then Installed with precision and minimum impact upon your day-to-day operations.


Your wine cellar’s climate is controlled by precision technology, which is always running to ensure your wine collection stored correctly. This technology needs regular fine-tuning and preventative maintenance to protect your investment.