GREEN INFUSION: Summer 2022 Color Trend

Green is synonymous with life, new beginnings, and new opportunities.

That is why by including it in the interior design of our home, we automatically connect with the natural world and expand the available energy of our living spaces.

62 Palmetto

Combined with earth tones as an ombré, we achieve an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

30 Key Biscayne

By incorporating decorative elements around our cellars, such as paintings or abstract art, plants, and even candles, the warmth of nature is brought into our personal environments.

Casa Mariano Doral

Combined with glass, a glam effect with a lot of personality is achieved.

41 Parkland

With its mint version, we also achieve a zen and modern aesthetic that invites us to enjoy our stay at home.

30 Key Biscayne

Cellartus creates the ideal wine storage conditions through the right environment, a custom-made design, and unique details.