Refrigeration System Important Safeguard

When using refrigeration systems, basic precautions should be followed including the following:

  1. Read all the Thermostat instructions before use.
  2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the Thermostat product.
  3. Use the Thermostat to Turn off the refrigeration system when not in use and before first full storage of wine bottles.
  4. Temperature variations of 3 to 4°F in a wine cellar are considered normal, as they are relative to the exterior temperature.
  5. Keep the glass enclosures closed to avoid temperature loss
  6. Keep the outside room temperature less than 14°F /6 °C difference from the inside temperature of the wine room area.
  7. Do no operate any equipment with electric voltage troubleshooting.
  8. Refer servicing of refrigeration equipment to an authorized service Centre if unit should malfunction or be damaged in any manner.
  9. To disconnect, use the thermostat and turn off the system, then turn off the breaker.
  10. Every 3 months maintenance is recommended.
  11. Temperature recommended for wine conservation between 57 — 62°F. / 14°C – 17°C